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Our Team

Board of Directors

Advisory Committee

Executive Committee


Finance & Administration : 

Sam Zhang  (Team Lead /coordinator )
Justine Zhou (Treasurer)

 PR/Marketing :

Ken Li (Website)

Lily Chen (Interim Team Lead /coordinator)

John Chen (IT, audio)

Sam Zhang (Reporting /editing /emails)

Gracie Lavitt (Advisor)

Edward Zhang (Intern, UI/UX)

Youth Program: 

Ren Li (Interim Team Lead /coordinator )
Jean Ma (Member)

Culture Events:

Jing Kong (Program Chair)
Hongbo Wang (Jiaozi Fest Event Chair)

Civic Engagement : 

Jean Ma (Team Lead /coordinator )
George Wu (Member)


Justine Zhou (Coordinator)
Anne Shaw, Lily Chen, George Wu, Jean Ma (Member)

Legal Counsel:

George Wu
Sharon Shi
Gabriella Pan

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