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Top Ten of the Year|Review of UCA 2019 of American Chinese Association, one-click collection of hot posts of the year

In the past year, the Chinese American Association (UCA) has worked hard on Chinese political participation, national security issues, congressional exchanges, community development, academic exchanges, and youth care, helping Chinese communities create a healthier living environment and respond to various issues. This is a serious challenge. Correspondingly, UCA’s exclusive WeChat public account "North American New Vision" has also launched relevant reports, readings and reviews in time. Here we will briefly review the achievements of the past year and send a video greeting!
Usually "20/20" means "visual acuity", which is a good sign! Looking forward to 2020, UCA will continue to highlight the three major objectives of participation in political life, training of young leaders, and spiritual and cultural home . Please join us and see a clear and exciting new horizon of North America together!


UCA organizes FBI and legal experts to discuss the plight of the Chinese

As many Chinese were involved in economic espionage cases, UCA has coordinated with many organizations to hold seminars in many places.

In the past two years, along with the tension between China and the United States, many Chinese have begun to worry about their living and professional development environment in the United States. In this situation, how to clearly understand the changes in the social environment? How to understand and avoid workplace risks? How to effectively protect yourself? The forum invited senior civil rights lawyers, FBI agents, federal assistant prosecutors of the Ministry of Justice, famous defense lawyers and other guests to analyze and support Chinese people.


Article list:

UCA Forum | Under the predicament of Sino-US conflict, how can Chinese Americans protect themselves?
FBI and legal experts discuss the plight of the Chinese: UCA Forum successfully held to
clarify facts, eliminate fear, and safeguard rights: UCA communicates with Asian communities


National College Voice Movement

Under the advocacy of UCA, nearly 20 universities and institutions have spoken out to defend academic exchanges and the rights of scholars. On the one hand, it condemns a small number of people’s violations of laws and regulations and supports the government’s legal compliance efforts. On the other hand, it also calls on the government to treat the investigated subjects with caution.

Although they may not directly influence government policies, university presidents are a symbol of elite society and have great influence; UCA hopes to bring positive exchange feedback through the president's speech and media dissemination. As the MIT president’s statement pointed out, violations of individual individuals are not the norm for the entire group. Chinese Americans should also be proud of their cultural foundation and outstanding immigrant status when they devote themselves wholeheartedly to the construction of the United States. The statement reiterated: Openness, freedom and innovation are the source of values ​​and oxygen-like vitality of the United States and universities.

Article list:
Heavy! Anderson Cancer Center recognizes and responds to UCA's five-point statement.
Yale reaffirms its firm commitment to Chinese scientists and international students and scholars. Openness is the source of vitality for the United States and universities! The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has recently joined the solidarity
effort. UCA strongly encourages universities across the United States to clarify their positions and join the solidarity team.
19 universities have successively spoken out. UCA sent a letter to urging the Chinese community to continue to participate in support.


Be wary of McCarthyism in academia

UCA special experts emphasized that Chinese experts and scholars must abide by professional ethics when handling sensitive information. Transparency and law-abiding are the greatest amulet of Chinese.

Academic freedom, scientific exchanges, and the introduction of talents are all great traditions that the United States has always followed in governing the country with an open spirit. It is the foundation for the United States to remain strong and prosperous today. We firmly believe that Chinese scientists have made and will continue to make irreplaceable contributions to the scientific and technological exchanges between the United States and China, to maintain the United States' global scientific and technological leadership, and to the scientific development of mankind in the past, present and future.

Article list:


UCA issued a statement on the issue of Chinese American scientists’ scientific and technological exchanges between the United States and China. It is alert to the new McCarthyist atmosphere in the American academic community, emphasizing law-abiding and transparent
red alert | Wu Xifeng’s experience and the cleanup of Chinese-related researchers by top US research institutions Xi Xiaoxing wins the United States The Human Rights Award of the Physics Society, the suspicion facing the academic circle is still lingering


Chinese community safety

UCA has always supported the voices and efforts of uniting Chinese and different ethnic groups, firmly working side by side with other Chinese organizations, Chinese-American public figures, and citizens who defend American values, and oppose the stereotypes of "forever foreigners", racial discrimination, and others. Forms of discrimination, together to maintain a healthy, non-partisan political climate.
Article list: illegal immigration manhunt panic, lawyers three places Raiders
translation comment | stand together against separatist ethnic defend true American spirit
special comment | Chinese foothold in the American spirit American spirit


All people living in the United States, including illegal immigrants, have certain rights granted by the U.S. Constitution.



Citizen participation

The current political awakening and social participation of the Asia-Pacific ethnic group is the top priority and the best time. It is reflected in the participation of many Asian-Pacific candidates in the election, especially the 2020 US presidential candidate.

The positioning of UCA should consider four related factors: the first is the relationship between new immigrants and previous generations of Chinese immigrants; the second is the relationship with other Asian American communities; the third is the relationship with the political dynamics of the United States and China. ; The fourth is the relationship with mainstream American society.
Article list: Do a good job in community bridges and civic participation in the new situation,
Yang Anze, New York's testimony: Asian Americans are a sleeping giant
Read | Asian Americans and the myth of "model minorities"
UCA co-organized 2019 Washington DC American Citizens Leadership Forum, the Asia-Pacific community to explore the future development of
the Washington state Association of Chinese American UCAWA formally established
Nevada Chinese Association 20th anniversary, and joined the Chinese American joint family


Youth cultural identity

Introduce the concepts, theories and characteristics of cultural identity, analyze the cultural roots and misunderstandings of conflicts between parents and children, and provide suggestions on the communication between parents and children.
In the process of adapting to the local culture and the growth of their children, overseas Chinese will experience cultural shock and cultural identity challenges, causing many parents and children to be confused and confused in communication, causing family conflicts, and increasing the psychological pressure of teenagers. Some negative experiences may affect a child's life.
Article list:
Special articles by experts|Cultural identity of Chinese youth: theory, phenomenon analysis and suggestions.
Cultural differences and parent-child communication in inter-generational interweaving.
Charity Chinese New Year: UCA Izhou Branch "Dumpling Banquet" Successfully Held
Dynamics | 》Adolescent bilingual readers are published!


Youth leadership training

The UCA-IL branch recently hosted an internship with the theme of "citizen participation" and organized more than ten Chinese students to experience internships in various government departments.
Representatives of government agencies participating in the internship program, more than a dozen Chinese interns, members and volunteers of the UCA Illinois branch, and people from all walks of life who are concerned about the growth of young people and citizens participated in the closing ceremony at the scene, witnessing the perfection of the summer government internship program Ended.

Article list:

UCA Illinois Chapter hosted the "Citizen Participation" summer internship program for the first time and successfully concluded.
Houston's 2019 Summer Asia-Pacific Student Leaders Social Practices Successfully Ended
Boy Government, Girl Government: Documentary
Reflections on the Political Training Activities of U.S. Youths | The next generation of Chinese in Silicon Valley, How can we not repeat the regrets of the previous generation?
Education|How to cultivate children with strong hearts? Professor Stanford has a way


Adolescent Mental Health

Suicide is the top of the iceberg of depression. Hiding under the sea is a huge iceberg of depression, as well as a series of related sociological and psychological phenomena such as anxiety, emptiness, value, connection, and guilt.

Due to cultural stigma and insufficient understanding of mental health in Asian families and communities, young people cannot seek help. Asian American experts and mental health advocates are trying to educate the Asian community on suicide prevention and have overcome the reluctance to seek help. But a psychotherapist will tell you: there is no difference between mental health and physical health. Although depression is a mood disorder, it also has a biological basis. In the onset of depression, biological, psychological and social environmental factors are involved.
Article list:
Self-compassion | UCA Youth Psychological and Emotional Health Lecture Comes to Micheng
Psychology Feature | Why the second generation of Chinese children must master the art of "self-compassion"
How to improve self-compassion and strengthen psychological resistance?
Building a bridge for the soul: Nevada Chinese Association and UCA host a youth mental health seminar popular for
mental health | Why do so many young Chinese second generations choose to commit suicide?
Mental Health | Accepting your own dark emotions is the key to
depression column | Depression and Mental Health Information Collection Post


Anti-S386 Immigration Reform Act

A number of cross-ethnic associations and organizations including UCA actively collaborated to oppose S.386.
As the US State Department put it, this is a "monopoly" of a certain group of nationals on green card applications and will eliminate any diversity in the green card application process. We urge the senators to oppose the passage of the bill by consensus, and reject this counterproductive attempt to solve long-standing complex problems.
Article list:
Fighting against S.386 | UCA unites 17 multi-ethnic societies to work together to
oppose S.386 | UCA recommends that the Chinese community insist on doing three things Quickly
| To block S386, we need to do our best at the end of the year!


Census education

The 2020 census is related to the vital interests of our community for the next 10 years.

In order to ensure that our practical interests, every compatriot knows the importance of understanding the census, and how to answer the census questionnaire, we will work together to introduce the meaning and benefits of the census to all Chinese living in the United States.


Article list:

Ten minutes to the census, can safeguard the interests of the
United States 2020 Census for ten years | Every Chinese has to count! Questionnaire Completion Guide Released the Census | Summary of Frequently Asked Questions for Working
as a Censor

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