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Our Team

UCA Board of Directors and Advisors
(Elected Jan, 2020)

Ren Li (President)
Lily Chen (Board Chair)
Anne Shaw (Board of Directors)
John K Holton (Board of Directors)
Sharon Shi (Board of Directors)
Jan Zhang (Board of Directors)
Justine Zhou (Treasurer)
Haibo Guo (Advisor)
Eddie Ni (Advisor)
Nancy Chen (Advisor)

UCA IL Executive Team Structure and Team Members 


Finance & Administration : 

Sam Zhang  (Team Lead /coordinator )
Justine Zhou (Treasurer)

 PR/Marketing :

Ken Li (Website)

Lily Chen (Interim Team Lead /coordinator)

John Chen (IT, audio)

Sam Zhang (Reporting /editing /emails)

Gracie Lavitt (Advisor)

Youth Program: 

Ren Li (Interim Team Lead /coordinator )
Jean Ma (Member)

Culture Events:

Jing Kong (Program Chair)
Hongbo Wang (Jiaozi Fest Event Chair)

Civic Engagement : 

Jean Ma (Team Lead /coordinator )
George Wu (Member)


Justine Zhou (Coordinator)
Anne Shaw, Lily Chen, George Wu, Jean Ma (Member)

Legal Counsel:

George Wu
Sharon Shi
Gabriella Pan

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